Did you know? 20 Cases Exempt from Work Permits for Foreign Workers in Vietnam

Did you know? 20 Cases Exempt from Work Permits for Foreign Workers in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are certain circumstances which foreign workers are not required to obtain a work permit. Let's delve into these 20 cases in more detail:

1. Owners and Capital Contributors: Foreigners who are owners or capital contributors of a limited liability company with a capital contribution value of at least 3 billion dong (approximately $130,000 USD) are exempt.

2. Board of Directors: Foreigners who are the Chairman or members of the Board of Directors of a joint-stock company with a capital contribution value of at least 3 billion dong (approximately $130,000 USD) are exempt.

3. Representative Office Leaders: Managers of representative offices, projects, or responsible for the operation of international organizations or foreign NGOs in Vietnam are exempt.

4. Short-term Marketing: Foreigners entering Vietnam for less than 3 months to conduct marketing activities for services are exempt.

5. Technical Troubleshooting: Foreigners entering Vietnam for less than 3 months to resolve complex technical or technological issues that affect or could affect business operations and cannot be resolved by Vietnamese experts or other foreign experts currently in Vietnam are exempt.

6. Licensed Foreign Lawyers: Foreign lawyers who have been granted a Vietnamese Lawyer's License in accordance with the Law on Lawyers are exempt.

7. International Treaties: Foreigners covered by provisions of international treaties to which Vietnam is a signatory are exempt.

8. Spouses of Vietnamese Citizens: Foreigners married to Vietnamese citizens and residing in Vietnam are exempt.

9. Intra-Company Transfers: Foreigners transferring within the same company to its Vietnamese branch in certain sectors (like finance, education, or technology) are exempt.

10. ODA-Related Services: Foreigners providing consulting services or performing tasks related to research, formulation, appraisal, supervision, evaluation, management, and execution of programs and projects using official development assistance (ODA) are exempt.

11. Accredited Journalists: Foreign journalists with Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs-issued Information and Journalism Practice Certificates are exempt.

12. Foreign Educators and Researchers: Foreigners sent by authorized foreign agencies to teach or conduct research at international schools under the management of foreign diplomatic missions or the United Nations; or at institutions established under agreements signed or joined by Vietnam are exempt.

13. Volunteers: Volunteers as defined in Clause 2 of Article 3 of Decree 152/2020/ND-CP are exempt.

14. Short-term Managers and Experts: Foreigners working in management, executive, specialist, or technical positions for less than 30 days and no more than 3 times in a year are exempt.

15. International Agreement Implementation: Foreigners entering Vietnam to implement international agreements signed by central or provincial agencies and organizations in accordance with the law are exempt.

16. Interns and Trainees: Students and trainees from foreign schools and institutions with internship agreements in Vietnamese agencies, organizations, and businesses; and interns and trainees on Vietnamese ships are exempt.

17. Diplomatic Dependents: Family members of foreign diplomatic mission personnel in Vietnam as defined in Point l of Clause 1 of Article 2 of Decree 152/2020/ND-CP are exempt.

18. Government Officials with Diplomatic Passports: Foreigners with diplomatic passports working for government agencies, political organizations, and socio-political organizations are exempt.

19. Trade Presence Establishment: Individuals responsible for establishing a commercial presence are exempt.

20. Education and Training Ministry-Approved Educators: Foreign educators approved by the Ministry of Education and Training to teach or conduct research in Vietnam are exempt.

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