Can I extend my E-Visa ?

Can I extend my E-Visa ?

Foreigners who wish to stay longer in Vietnam may be able to extend or renew their e-Visa. There are different ways to do this, either from within Vietnam or by leaving the country and applying for a new eVisa.

A visa extension is for foreigners who want to stay in Vietnam longer without applying for a new visa. The passport is stamped and credited with the extension time, but no new visa sticker is issued. A visa renewal is also for foreigners who wish to stay in Vietnam beyond their existing visa. Travelers who renew their visa get a new visa stamp and sticker in the passport.

The requirements to extend or renew a Vietnam visa are the same. Travelers need a passport valid for at least 6 months and with at least 2 blank pages.

Vietnam visas must be extended or renewed before the visa expiry date. Foreigners should apply for a visa extension or renewal at least 7 business days before their visa expires to allow time for processing.

Another option for travelers is to leave the country, apply for a new Vietnam eVisa, and return using the new visa. There are no limits on issued visas, and travelers do not have to spend a certain number of days outside the country before returning. This may be a convenient option for visitors staying close to Vietnam's borders with Cambodia, Laos, China or Thailand. It is an opportunity for travelers to visit other southeast Asian countries during their trip.

Travelers must check the visa requirements for each country they visit. Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos all have electronic visa applications. Applying for a new eVisa from outside Vietnam is also a good option for travelers who have left it too late to apply for an extension. It takes around 7 business days to process a visa extension at the Immigration Office. To avoid overstaying the Vietnam visa, travelers can depart the country and reapply.

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