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Canada has always been a suitable country for long-term settlement because of its rich ecosystem, blending with many different cultures. But it is also because of this that the Government of Canada is very difficult to grant a Canadian visa. So how to apply for a successful visa? Let EZ Holdings help you understand the Canadian visa application.

1. What types of Canadian visas can I apply for?

Depending on the purpose of entry to Canada, you can apply for the following types of visas:

  • Visa to visit relatives.
  • Tourist Visa.
  • Work visa.

2. Canada visa application documents?

To apply for a Canadian visa, you need to prepare the following basic documents:

  • ID card.
  • Registration book.
  • Registration of marriage.
  • Personal account statement for the last 3-6 months.
  • Original passport (minimum 6 months validity) and old passports (if any).
  • Fill out the attached relative information sheet.
  • Provide visa applicant phone number.

For each type of visa with different purposes, you will need to provide other documents. Specifically:

3. For visiting relatives and Canada tourist visas

In addition to the above-mentioned identification documents, you need to provide a savings book of at least 200 million or more / 1 person.

For Certificate of Occupation:

  • If you are a business owner, you need:
    • Business Registration.
    • The most recent 3 months/1 quarter VAT declaration.
  • If you are an employee, you should:
    • Labor contract or decision on appointment of position.
    • Salary slip for the last 3 months.
    • Application for leave.
    • Social insurance health insurance copy.
  • If retired, need:
    • Retirement book/Retirement decision/Retirement card.
    • Retirement table of the last 3 months.
  • If you are a child under the age of 18, you should:
    • Birth certificate.
    • Certificate of being a student of the school/Student ID card.
    • Application for leave.
    • The consent of the father or mother to accompany the mother or father (in case both parents do not accompany the child).

In case of applying for a visa to visit relatives, you must also provide:

  • Invitation.
  • Passport and residence card of the inviter.
  • Proof of the inviter's accommodation and finances.
  • Prove the relationship between the two parties.

2.2. For work visa

In addition to identification documents, when you apply for a business visa to Canada, you need to prepare a partner's profile, that is, send a scanned copy of:

  • Invitation.
  • Prove the relationship between the two parties; Transaction contract (if any).

4. Should I look for a service to apply for a Canadian visa?

As mentioned from the beginning, applying for a Canadian visa is not an easy procedure because of its specific nature. There are many cases of unsuccessful Canadian visa applications because of incomplete submission of documents, or even because they failed to pass the interview round because of embarrassment or failure to explain to the officer about their application.

Understanding the concerns and difficulties of customers, EZ Services and Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. is pleased to provide Canada visa application services with many preferential policies and bring many benefits to customers such as:

  • Professional staff to advise and give the most effective solution.
  • The visa application rate is up to 99% if the application meets all the requirements.
  • No need to go back and forth many times to add documents and records.
  • There are no fees during the visa application period.
  • Commitment to absolute confidentiality of all customer information.

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