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Foreigners who are working and staying in Vietnam need to convert their international driver's license to Vietnam to participate in traffic in accordance with the law.

In case a foreigner already has a national driver's license and does not want to retest for a Vietnamese driver's license, he/she must carry out procedures for changing a driver's license. But for those who have never done this procedure and are not knowledgeable about Vietnamese law, the process of converting a driver's license can be very difficult.

In this article, let EZ help you learn about converting a Vietnamese driver's license.

1. Subjects subject to conversion of driver's license

According to the law, the following foreigners are allowed to convert their driver's license:

  • Residing, working, studying in Vietnam, having a diplomatic identity card, official identity card, temporary residence card, residence card, residence card, permanent residence card with a period of 03 months or more , have a valid national driving license, have a need to drive in Vietnam;
  • Foreign tourists driving a foreign registered car into Vietnam, have a valid national driving license, and wish to drive in Vietnam.

2. Procedures for getting a Vietnamese driver's license

Pursuant to Article 41 of Circular 12/VBHN-BGTVT, procedures for changing driver's license for foreigners are as follows:

Step 1: Create a profile

Profile include:

  • Application for renewal of driving license;
  • The translation of the foreign driver's license into Vietnamese is guaranteed by the translation quality of the Notary Public or the Embassy or Consulate in Vietnam where the translator works, stamped adjacent to the copy of the driver's license. car;
  • Copy of passport (passport number, full name and photo of the person granted, expiry date and entry visa page to Vietnam);
  • Copy of diplomatic or official ID card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam or copy of residence card, residence card, temporary residence card, permanent residence card, papers verifying long-term residence in Vietnam.

Step 2: Submit your application at the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam or the Department of Transport where you register your residence, stay, temporary residence or permanent residence.

Step 3: Check profile

The Directorate for Roads of Vietnam or the Department of Transport will check the application. If the dossier is not in accordance with regulations, you will be notified directly or in writing of the contents that need to be supplemented or amended within 02 working days from the date of receipt of the dossier.

Step 4:  Pay the fee: 135,000 VND/time.

Step 5: Wait for the resolution and receive the results. In case the driver's license cannot be changed, you will receive an answer and reason.


  • The validity of the driver's license will be the same as that of the residence card/visa in Vietnam.
  • If you have a national driving license, you must change to the corresponding driving license in Vietnam.
  • If you have an international driving license issued by the competent authorities of the countries participating in the 1968 Convention on Road Traffic and still have the validity period, you are allowed to drive the type of vehicle specified in the driving license. vehicle without having to change it to a Vietnamese driver's license, unless otherwise provided by an international treaty on driving licenses to which Vietnam is a contracting party, the provisions of such international treaty shall apply.

3. Should you convert your Vietnamese driver's license yourself?

EZ would like to list some difficulties you may encounter if you do the procedure to convert a Vietnamese driver's license yourself:

  • It takes time to learn and prepare documents because the procedure is complicated.
  • Going back many times if the application is not complete, there is even a very high risk of being rejected.
  • Loss of work time, travel expenses.

To help you overcome these difficulties, EZ Holdings would like to provide the service of converting Vietnamese driver's license to you with:

  • Transparent costs, no unreasonable costs in the implementation process.
  • Delivery of documents and permits to customers.
  • Absolute confidentiality of customer information.
  • EZ staff is always on hand to support customers when they come to the Department of Transport.
  • 100% conversion success rate.
  • Get results quickly, save time: You will receive your Vietnamese driver's license after about 14 working days.

Please contact EZ immediately via hotline  0869 907 519 | 0867 439 725 for detailed instructions on how to get a Vietnamese driver's license for foreigners!