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Consular legalization and consular certification is just certification of seals, signatures, titles on papers and documents. They do not imply certification of the content and form of papers and documents. These are two quite familiar terms, but there are many basic differences that can cause confusion. In this article, EZ will learn with you about these two types of certification in general and the consular legalization procedure in Vietnam in particular.

1. What is consular legalization? What is consular certification?
Consular Legalization/Legalization of documents is the certification of seals, signatures and titles by a competent Vietnamese agency on foreign papers and documents so that such papers and documents can be recognized. recognized and used in Vietnam (Clause 2, Article 2 of Decree 111/2011/ND-CP on consular certification and legalization). Thus, in order for foreign papers to be recognized and lawfully used in Vietnam, they must be certified by a competent authority in Vietnam through their seals, signatures, and titles on the papers. that document.

Similarly, consular certification means that a competent Vietnamese agency certifies the seal, signature and title on Vietnamese papers and documents so that those papers and documents are recognized and used. used abroad.

2. Consular legalization documents - Yes and No?
2.1 Types of consular legalization documents

  • Consular legalization of marriage certificate.
  • Consular legalization of documents - documents.
  • Consular legalization of diplomas, driver's licenses, birth certificates, diplomas, etc.

2.2 Papers and documents that are not consular legalized

  • Papers and documents are corrected or erased but not corrected in accordance with law.
  • Papers and documents in the application file for consular certification and legalization contain conflicting details.
  • Papers and documents that are forged or are issued or certified against authority according to the provisions of law.
  • Papers and documents with signatures or seals other than the original signature or seal.
  • Papers and documents with contents that infringe upon the interests of the State of Vietnam.

Note: According to Vietnamese law, documents used when working with state agencies must be in Vietnamese. Therefore, in some cases, after documents are consularly legalized, they must be translated into Vietnamese and authenticated again before they can be used to work with state agencies in Vietnam.

2.3 Consular legalization procedures and documents in Vietnam
For the consular legalization  of foreign papers and documents, it is necessary to have:

  • Consular legalization/certification declaration;
  • Passport or valid document replacing the passport of a foreigner;
  • Papers and documents requested to be lawful consular.

For the consular certification  of Vietnamese papers and documents, it is necessary to have:

  • Consular legal/certification declaration;
  • Identity card, citizen identity card, passport of Vietnamese people;
  • Papers and documents requested for consular certification.

Call  () or send an email to  ()  for instructions on preparing documents for consular legalization.

3. How much is the consular legalization fee?
According to Circular 157/2016/TT-BTC stipulating the rate of collection, collection, payment and management. And using the consular legalization fee, the consular legalization fee is:

  • Consular certification: 30,000 (thirty thousand) VND/time.
  • Consular legalization: 30,000 (thirty thousand) VND/time.
  • Issuance of copies of papers and documents: 5,000 (five thousand) VND/time.

Note:  State certification and legalization fee is collected in Vietnam Dong (VND).

4. Some Frequently Asked Questions
With many years of experience in the field of application procedures, EZ Holdings receives many questions from customers:

4.1. Q - How long does legalization take?
Answer – How long it takes for consular legalization depends on the quantity and nature of the documents. Usually between 1 day and 14 days.

4.2. Question - Is it possible to authorize someone else to legalize?
Answer – Depending on the consular office, there will be regulations to be authorized or not. However, consulates of countries such as the US, India, UK, etc. require the litigant to be present.

5. Should you carry out consular legalization yourself?
In fact, EZ recognizes that many people have difficulties in self-registration such as:

  • The frequent change of legalization procedures will cause you many difficulties.
  • There are too many terms in papers and documents.
  • Waste of time and effort waiting in line to do the application.
  • In some cases, the notarized translation process is complicated. Requires a high level of professional understanding.

6. Consular legalization service
Given the difficulties that you may encounter in the preparation of your application and as well as the urgency of the time, you may need to seek assistance at  EZ. Coming to  EZ Holdings, you will get:

  • Quickly update information on procedures and working processes of the receiving agency.
  • Always keep customer information confidential.
  • Shorten working time.
  • Optimize costs and issue correct VAT invoices.
  • Ensure accuracy and compliance with customer requirements.

Free consultation for customers about other services.Above is all information about consular legalization. Customers who need quick service support, please contact EZ immediately at TEL 0869 907 519 | 0867 439 725 for detailed advice!