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What steps must Hong Kong consular legalization go through? Is there anything to keep in mind compared to other countries' consular legalization procedures? Let EZ answer your questions in this article.

When conducting consular legalization of Hong Kong nationality, you must follow the following order:

Step 1: Notarization / Certification of documents.

Step 2: Consular legalization at the High Court of Hong Kong.

Step 3: Consular legalization at the Consulate General of Vietnam in Hong Kong.

Note: The Hong Kong Embassy in Vietnam does not authenticate the documents that guests have to fly home to do this procedure. After receiving documents that are consularly legalized by the Consulate General of Vietnam, you can notarize translation into Vietnamese for use in Vietnam.

Thus, you will not be able to stay in Vietnam to legalize Hong Kong citizenship, because your documents can only be authenticated in Hong Kong.

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