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What are the steps for Korean consular legalization? Is there anything to keep in mind compared to other countries' consular legalization procedures? Let EZ answer your questions in this article.

When legalizing Korean nationality, usually, you will receive a confirmation of experience form from the agency authorized to carry out the procedure for you. You need to adjust the information on the Certificate of Experience accordingly. Then, this paper will be printed, signed, stamped and scanned and sent back to the authorized company.

EZ is divided into 2 cases: Customers who have a real signing company and customers who don't have a confirming company. Specifically:

TH1: Customers have the company sign to confirm the real experience
When this is the case, EZ requires the customer to send the Company's Business Registration Certificate to sign for confirmation. You need to provide:

  • Name and phone number of the person of the Company signing the confirmation for you in case the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls to check the information on the confirmation.

TH2: Customers do not have a real experience signing company but do all services.
In this case, you do not need to send any information. EZ will process your requested information 100%.

For more detailed information on the sequence of steps that EZ takes to complete the Korean consular legalization procedure, please contact us via Tel 0869 907 519 | 0867 439 725.