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You are not sure what to do to get the consular legalization of documents with New Zealand citizenship? Coming to EZ, you will be supported by us from A to Z.

Our working order includes the following steps:
- Step 1: Submit your application to the New Zealand Embassy in Hanoi. With complete and valid records, the processing time is in one day.

- Step 2: The New Zealand Embassy in Hanoi, after receiving the application, will consider and resolve it. If the application is missing some documents, the agency will send a request for additional information in accordance with regulations. For dossiers with 10 or more papers, the time limit for processing this dossier may be extended but must not exceed 5 working days.

- Step 3: Receive the results in person at the New Zealand Embassy in Hanoi or by post if required in the application.

When you trust and choose EZ to help you consular legalize New Zealand documents, you will enjoy the following benefits:

- Be handled quickly, with high efficiency and no need to book in advance.

- Ensure accuracy and compliance with customer requirements.

- Quickly update information on procedures and working processes of the receiving agency.

- Send results directly to customers.

Note: You need to provide the Originals of the documents to EZ for comparison when consular legalization.

Please contact  EZ Holdings  by phone number 0869 907 519 | 0867 439 725 for detailed advice