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Having a safe, ideal and cost-effective place to stay in every trip is always one of the top concerns of every traveler. So where is there a reputable and good quality accommodation service? Let's find out with EZ in this article!

What is accommodation service?

Accommodation services are business activities that provide short-term and long-term accommodation facilities. This type can serve people who often go on business or travel, need short-term accommodation and people with long-term living needs such as students, workers. In addition, business establishments also provide other facilities such as dining, entertainment ...

Some popular types of accommodation services today


Hotel (hotel) tourist accommodation facility, with the size of 10 rooms or more with adequate facilities to meet the needs of tourists. Hotels are usually built in the city center, a key tourist area.



Short-term accommodation facilities


Motels (guest houses) mainly serve short-term guests. Motel with simple structure, small scale. Basic room types, not fully equipped like a hotel, will be more suitable for visitors who just need an overnight stay..


Hostel (cheap motel) suitable for backpackers, quite popular in Europe. Hostel is similar to student dorm room. There are many types of rooms such as: 4 beds, 6 beds, 10 beds.


Instead of sleeping in motels, hotels, you can choose to stay with local people by staying at Homestay. You can eat, drink, live with the people, become a member of their family. This type of accommodation helps visitors have a close look at local life and culture.


Mô hình kinh doanh phục vụ khách lưu trú ngắn hạn


Villa is a tourist villa that provides equipment and utility services for guests to rent and self-catering for resort needs. This type is highly private and can rent a cluster of tourist villas (3 or more villas) if needed.

Tourist village

Tourist village (tourist village) includes many apartments, villas, bungalows, camping grounds... They are usually built in areas with beautiful and unique natural landscapes and are associated with many facilities such as restaurants, shopping, entertainment, sports…

Tourist camping

Tourist camping (camping ground) for tourists is built on planned land with beautiful scenery. Business owners build facilities and accompanying services to serve the camping needs of guests.

Serviced apartment

Is a tourist apartment fully equipped with amenities and facilities for tourists to rent and serve themselves.

Tourist guest house

Tourist guest house is a tourist guesthouse capable of providing all necessary equipment and facilities for customers.

EZ . accommodation service

EZ is the bridge between hotels, resorts and customers; help save cost, time and manpower. We aim to build a comprehensive solution and optimize room sales for hotels and resorts in ways that are economically and time efficient for now and the future.


Coming to EZ is coming to Perfect Service, 5-star Class

EZ aims to be simple, easy; increase profits; cutting human resources and costs for hotels and resorts in the sale of rooms. We will accompany you to build different room sales channels such as: Website, social network, affiliate room sales system, etc. to deploy at low cost, simple, proactive and complete full independence in the sale of rooms.

EZ is always focused on optimization and change; Always keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends. We pledge to do our best to create trust and satisfaction from customers.

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