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Nowadays, getting married with foreign elements in Vietnam is no longer a strange issue. However, for many people, this is still a complicated and complicated procedure when requesting many types of documents with different conditions. So in this article, EZ will help you better understand the marriage registration with foreign elements in Vietnam.

1. What is marriage with foreign elements?

The Law on Marriage and Family does not specifically define marriage with foreign elements. However, it can be understood that marriage with foreign elements means a man and a woman getting married to establish a husband and wife relationship in the following cases:

  • Vietnamese citizens marrying foreigners.
  • Foreigners get married in Vietnam.
  • Vietnamese citizens get married abroad.

In addition, Article 126 of the Law on Marriage and Family 2014 also provides:

  • “In a marriage between a Vietnamese citizen and a foreigner, each party must comply with its own law on marriage conditions; if the marriage is conducted at a competent Vietnamese state agency, the foreigner must also comply with the provisions of this Law on marriage conditions.
  • The marriage between foreigners permanently residing in Vietnam at a competent Vietnamese agency must comply with the provisions of this Law on marriage conditions.

Thus, when you fall into one of the three cases mentioned above, you must carry out the marriage registration procedure according to Vietnamese law.

2. Latest marriage registration procedures with foreign elements

2.1. Documents to be submitted

  • 01 Marriage registration declaration (made according to the form), clearly stating the following information: Full name, middle name, first name; Date of birth; Nation; Nationality; Residence; Identification; How many times of marriage and signatures (signature, full name, first name, last name) of the parties to register the marriage.
  • Papers proving the marital status of Vietnamese and foreigners issued by competent authorities and still valid for use to confirm that the person currently does not have a spouse.
  • A certificate from a competent Vietnamese and foreign medical organization certifying that the person does not have a mental illness or another disease without the ability to perceive and control his or her behavior.
  • Foreigners and Vietnamese citizens residing abroad must submit a copy of their passport.

Note: All required documents must be originals.

In addition, when filling out the Marriage Registration Form, you should pay attention to:

  • When carrying out procedures for marriage registration with foreign elements, photos of both male and female parties must be pasted.
  • Specify the name of the marriage registration agency.
  • Write according to the place of permanent residence registration, if there is no registered place of permanent residence, write the place of temporary residence registration; In case both are not available, write according to the place where you live.
  • Enter information about identification documents such as passports, identity cards or valid alternative documents.
  • An X must be placed in the box if a copy is requested and the quantity specified.

In each specific case, you will have to submit some other documents in the file such as Extract of Divorce Notes; Certificate of marital status issued by the Diplomatic Mission;… For more information, please contact EZ via phone number ().

2.2. Papers presented

  • Passport / Identity card / Citizen ID card.
  • Proof of residency.

Note: You need to make photocopies of the above documents and bring the originals together for comparison.

2.3. Should you do the marriage registration procedure yourself?

In fact. EZ realizes that many people have difficulties in completing the marriage registration procedures by themselves, such as:

  • Not understanding Vietnamese law.
  • There is not much time to travel, prepare documents, due to relatively complicated registration procedures.
  • It is easy to be rejected by the competent authority because of the lack of documents or failure to follow the correct order and procedures.

Understanding your difficulties, EZ Holdings would like to introduce marriage registration service with foreign elements to those who are interested in this issue. With the experience of successfully handling +1000 cases, consulting +500 cases in just a few years of operation, EZ guarantees to provide you with professional, dedicated and highly effective consulting services.

Coming to EZ, you will get:

  • Assist in the preparation of complete documents according to the requirements of the relevant agencies and according to each specific case so as not to waste time adding many times.
  • Experienced in doing many different cases, helping to reduce costs and save time for customers.
  • EZ regularly updates new regulations on marriage registration with foreign elements.
  • Transparent costs, no unreasonable costs in the implementation process.
  • Absolute confidentiality of customer information.
  • EZ staff is always on hand to support customers when they come to register at the competent authority.

Please contact phone number 0869 907 519 | 0867 439 725 for detailed advice from EZ staff!