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Notarized translation is becoming more and more popular in daily life. Especially individuals, organizations and businesses wishing to study, settle in foreign countries or do jobs with foreign elements. Let EZ answer your questions about notarized translation services in this article !

1. What is notarized translation?

Notarized translation is the transfer of the language of documents with the legal seal of an organization or an agency into a target language according to the needs of the customer (translation). These documents will then be authenticated or certified for accuracy against the original by the competent authority.

For foreign documents, they must be consularly legalized  at an agency authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before translation and notarization. (except for documents and documents of some countries exempt from legalization under the Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement and the Consular Agreement between Vietnam and that country)

2. Types of documents that are usually notarized translation and authenticated form

Currently, there are actually many types of documents that are notarized translation, of which the most popular are:

  • Notarized translation of identity card or citizen identification;
  • Notarized translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates;
  • Notarized translation of academic records;
  • Notarized translation of business registration licenses;
  • Notarized translation of visa application documents.

Previously, the translation and notarization of papers and documents was done by the Justice Department. However, with disadvantages such as high cost, long waiting time, and poor quality of translation, notarized translation service was born, making a significant contribution to helping people complete paperwork quickly. faster and more convenient.

From here, three different forms of translation authentication are formed, including:

  • Certified translation of translation company (with translation function).
  • Certified translation of the Justice Department under the District People's Committee (State notarized).
  • Certified translation by notary public – belonging to the Private Notary Office.

All 3 forms have legal validity, are authenticated by an agency with legal status, certifying the signature of the translator. In which, the translator undertakes to properly translate the content from one language to another. Depending on the purpose of use as well as the agencies that you plan to apply to, they require the translation to be certified by any agency so that you can choose the appropriate form and save costs. time.

Notary offices are certified and registered at the Justice Department, so customers can be completely assured of the full legal translation. In case you need support for notarized translation immediately, contact EZ via hotline: () for advice and timely service use.

3. What is the notarized translation process like?

At professional service units, the process of notarized translation steps is carried out as follows:

  • Step 1:  Receive documents from the client and analyze the documents. Customers can send documents in different ways: direct mail, express delivery, fax or email, etc. Documents need to be analyzed according to specialties and requirements of customers.
  • Step 2:  Translate the document, then check the translation. The translation service will conduct specialized translation, standardize documents and check and correct if there are errors.
  • Step 3:  Send the translated document to the Notary Justice Department. The notary will perform the authentication of translated documents.
  • Step 4:  Return and hand over documents to customers. Re-edit the translated document if any at the request of the customer.

4. How much does notarized translation cost?

The cost of notarized translation depends on many factors such as the type of language (common or uncommon), the number of documents (more or less), the number of pages of the document (long or short) or the translation time. technique (urgent or not),... Usually ranges from 30,000 VND - 150,000 VND/page plus the price of notarization services according to state regulations (usually listed at the Department of Justice).

Hopefully, this notarized translation information will be useful to you. Need to use a cheap and reputable notarized translation service, please contact  ()  for EZ support.

5. Frequently asked questions about notarized translation

Here are some frequently asked questions from customers sent to Nhi Gia recently.

5.1. Does notarized translation need the original?

According to the principles of translation and notarization, it is mandatory to have the original in order to compare and accurately translate the content. However, in some special cases where the customer cannot provide the original immediately, the translation can still be carried out. After that, the authentication must have the original for the Justice Department to notarize according to regulations.

5.2. How long does notarized translation take?

To answer this, we need to consider each type of document, not a specific timeline. For example: Certificate of singleness, medical examination, criminal record card, temporary graduation certificate, ... are valid within 6 months from the date of signing the certification.

Notarized translations of bachelor's degrees and driver's licenses are valid indefinitely, unless the original is revoked or destroyed.

5.3. What documents are required for notarized translation?

Normally, when you go for a notarized translation, you need to bring some of the following documents:

  • Identity card, citizen identification or household registration book;
  • Original papers to be translated or notarized;
  • Fees.

6. Where is the notarized translation service reputable?

Currently, there are many reputable notary translation offices across the country in general and in Hanoi in particular. But reputable companies with a long experience in notarized translation of documents are not known to everyone.

With many years of experience in document processing and notarization, EZ Holdings we can be proud of our ability to meet the needs of notarized translation of documents  for customers.

Advantages of EZ when notarized translation:

  • Translation multi-disciplinary - multi-professional - multi-language, from common languages ​​such as English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.... to difficult languages ​​like Danish, Indonesian, etc.
  • Spoken translation (training, event, tourist,…) in multi-language to meet the diverse needs of all customers.
  • Professional translation of all kinds of documents, records, documents: Business registration, practice license, bidding documents, commercial contracts, organizational records, financial reports, ...
  • Committed to confidentiality in all types of customer records and information.
  • Notarized translation quickly get right away: Guaranteed fast implementation time.
  • Free consultation and fastest customer support: directly by phone, email or at the office.
  • Delivering documents to the place and optimizing, saving customers' time.

When coming to EZ, you can be completely assured because prestige and customer satisfaction is what we always aim for. For more information about EZ's notarized translation services, please contact us immediately via or send a message via 0869 907 519 | 0867 439 725.