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Vietnamese citizens residing abroad who want to return to Vietnam to live must apply for a repatriation passport and must fully meet the conditions prescribed by Vietnamese law. In this article, EZ will help you find out information related to repatriation procedures in Vietnam.

I. Who is the subject of repatriation?

Repatriation procedure is a procedure for permanent residence registration for overseas Vietnamese (with Vietnamese nationality) wishing to return to Vietnam for permanent residence. Subjects subject to this procedure include:

Being a Vietnamese citizen residing abroad (CDVNĐCNN) carrying a passport or a foreign passport replacement document returns to Vietnam to register for permanent residence;
Vietnamese citizens residing abroad without a foreign passport;
Have a permanent residence permit issued by a foreign country.

II. Procedures for applying for repatriation

Pursuant to Joint Circular 03/VBHN - BCA guiding the settlement procedures for Vietnamese citizens residing abroad to register for permanent residence in Vietnam, you need to prepare 02 sets of documents for each case. Specifically:

For repatriation applicants (2 sets of documents/person) including:

  • An application for permanent residence in Vietnam (made according to the form);
  • A copy of the foreign passport or a copy of the permanent residence document issued by a foreign country (photocopy and presentation of the original for comparison);
  • A copy of one of the following papers, valid for proving Vietnamese nationality: Birth certificate, if the birth certificate does not clearly state Vietnamese nationality, enclosed with papers proving the parents' nationality; The people's identity cards; Vietnamese passport; To decide to return Vietnamese nationality, to decide to adopt children who are foreigners, to decide to allow foreigners to adopt Vietnamese children; Other papers issued by competent Vietnamese agencies certifying that the involved parties still retain Vietnamese nationality according to Vietnam's regulations on nationality;
  • One of the following papers evidencing having a lawful house in Vietnam: For the person who already owns a house in Vietnam (submit a copy, present the original for comparison); home ownership certificate; documents on buying, selling, giving, gifting, exchanging, inheriting houses, receiving houses from enterprises with the function of trading in houses, investing in construction for sale; papers of the Court or of the State administrative agency competent to handle house ownership have taken legal effect. For people who have lawful houses by renting, borrowing or staying over by individuals: A copy of the individual's lease, loan or stay-at-home contract (or a photocopy enclosed with the original for checking and comparison) ; A document proving that the house is leased, lent, or allowed to stay with the consent for that person to register for permanent residence; Copies of papers and documents proving the ownership of the house of the lessor, lender, or let-in (or a photocopy enclosed with the original for checking and comparison).

In addition, according to the provisions of Clauses 1, 2 and 4, Article 20 of the Law on Residence, Vietnamese citizens residing abroad who apply for permanent residence in a centrally-run city in addition to the above documents must be included in the application. need to have documents proving that they are eligible for permanent residence registration in a city directly under the Central Government. For citizens residing abroad who are approved by the household registration holder to enter with their household registration, there must be papers to prove the blood relationship between the two people.

III. Subjects considered for repatriation procedures

Those who fully meet the following conditions will be considered for repatriation procedures:

  • Have Vietnamese nationality and hold a Vietnamese passport.
  • Able to secure life in Vietnam after repatriation.
  • Having relative/guarantoring agency: Relatives (father, mother, wife, husband, children, brothers, sisters, siblings, family members) are Vietnamese citizens, over 18 years old and have permanent residence in Vietnam Vietnam  (for those applying for repatriation for family reunification and humanitarian purposes) or a ministerial-level agency, ministerial-level agency, government agency, etc. (for a person applying for repatriation to participate in nation building).

II. Frequently asked questions about repatriation procedures

1. Question – What property am I allowed to bring home?

Answer – When repatriating, you will be able to bring the following assets:
Cars, motorbikes, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. are exempt from import tax, one for each Vietnamese household (or individual) residing abroad to bring back home when they are allowed to return and settle in Vietnam. Vietnam.

Money is the property, income of Vietnamese people when they return home is not subject to tax and the quantity is not limited.

2. Question – How long is a repatriation passport?

Answer – The repatriation passport is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and cannot be renewed.

3. Question – Where is the application for a repatriation permit filed?

Answer – You can apply for a repatriation pass at one of the following two locations:

In foreign countries: Vietnamese representative offices in the host country.
In Vietnam: Ministry of Home Affairs (Immigration Administration) or Department of Public Security of provinces and centrally run cities.

IV. Choose EZ to support repatriation procedures

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