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Nationality is a legal relationship between an individual and a certain state, which manifests in the totality of his or her rights and obligations, which are prescribed and guaranteed by the State's laws.

In fact, you must have met or heard of a person with 2 or 3 nationalities. So what mechanism creates this, and what needs to be done to have dual citizenship? Let's find the answer with EZ in this article!

1. Who can apply for dual citizenship?

The Law on Vietnamese Nationality does not allow Vietnamese citizens to hold dual "nationalities" except in special cases. Eg:

  • Children born to parents with Vietnamese nationality.
  • Having special merit to contribute to the cause of national construction and defense Vietnam,…

Thus, according to the provisions of the Law on Vietnamese Nationality, Vietnam does not allow Vietnamese citizens to hold dual nationality, but in some special cases, if allowed by the President, they can still carry two nationalities. president.

2. Some frequently asked questions

1. Question – Which countries are allowed to hold dual citizenship?

Answer – There are some typical countries in the world that accept multiple citizenship: Australia, UK, France, USA, Canada. You can apply for naturalization and keep 2, 3 or as many citizenships as you want.

2. Question – Which passport do you use for entry and exit?

Answer – In principle, when you enter or exit Vietnam, you can only use 1 passport: either a Vietnamese passport, or a foreign passport.

Case 1: If you use a Vietnamese passport when entering (no visa required), you must also use a Vietnamese passport when exiting. Customs officers can check this through the immigration stamp on the passport.

Case 2: If you use a foreign passport to enter (need a valid visa or visa exemption certificate), you must also use an external passport when exiting.

Note: If using a foreign passport with a visa, you must comply with the conditions of that visa. If you enter with this passport and exit with another passport, it will be considered a violation of Vietnamese law on immigration.

3. Question – Will Vietnamese citizens who are granted additional foreign citizenship lose their Vietnamese citizenship?

Answer – According to Article 21 Decree No. 78/2009/ND-CP dated September 22, 2009 of the Government stipulating: “Since July 1, 2009, Vietnamese citizens have a nationality for any reason. If you have a foreign nationality and have not lost your Vietnamese nationality, you will still have Vietnamese citizenship.”

Thus, if Vietnamese citizens are granted additional foreign citizenship but have not lost their Vietnamese citizenship, they will not lose their Vietnamese citizenship.

4. Dual citizenship service in EZ

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