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Vietnam visa extension is the fact that a foreigner who has a visa (visa) currently residing in Vietnam wants to continue to stay in Vietnam (for tourism, visiting relatives and working, ...) When the visa expires, you must apply for a visa extension.

So, how are the conditions for applying for a visa extension and the application for visa extension for foreigners? Let's find the answer with EZ in this article.

1. What are the conditions for Vietnam visa extension?
To extend a visa in Vietnam, you need to meet two basic conditions:

  • The type of visa must be a visa that can be extended;
  • Passport holder with at least 06 months validity and 02 blank pages.

For some subjects who want to extend their visas, they are only allowed to extend their visas according to the law. In addition, foreigners must have a certificate of temporary residence registration with the police and the locality where they temporarily reside.

Upon successful visa extension or visa extension, foreigners will be allowed to continue to stay in Vietnam for a certain period of time without having to exit Vietnam and re-enter Vietnam.

Note: The renewed visa will be valid for single entry. After the extension, if the visitor leaves Vietnam, the extended visa will automatically expire.

If you do not understand clearly about Vietnam visa extension conditions, or questions how long does it take to extend a Vietnam visa, please call () for a dedicated answer.

2. Procedures & documents for visa extension
Before extending visas for foreigners, you need to clearly determine which type of visa you own (DL, LD1, LD2, TT, DN1, DT1, DT2...) by each type of visa extension, state agencies Authorities will require different documents.

2.1. Dossier for visa extension in Vietnam
When preparing documents to extend Vietnam visa, you need to have the following documents:

  • The original passport of the foreigner is still valid as prescribed.
  • Application form for visa extension, temporary residence extension in Vietnam (NA5).
  • Certificate of temporary residence issued by the local police station where the foreigner is temporarily residing in Vietnam.

2.2. Procedure for visa extension
Visa extension applications will be reviewed by the Immigration Department. According to regulations, the time for the applicant to receive the result of visa extension is from about 7 working days, counting from the date the Immigration Department receives the application.

3. How much is the visa extension fee?
When extending a visa for a foreigner or foreign individual, the sponsoring organization needs to pay a visa extension fee equivalent to the visa renewal fee. Specifically:

Type of visa/visa

Collection rates

Visa valid for one time:

25 USD

Visa is valid for multiple times:

Type with a maximum term of 3 months: 50 USD

Type with term from 3-6 months: 95 USD

Type with term from 6-12 months: 135 USD

Type with a term of 1-2 years: 145 USD

Type with 2-5 year term: 155 USD

Visa for people under 14 years old (regardless of term)

25 USD

Note: The  Visa extension fee for foreigners is regulated by the state. This is a mandatory fee to be paid when carrying out visa extension procedures in Vietnam.

4. Should you extend your Vietnam visa yourself?
Many customers who are employees of companies, businesses or organizations share that they often face many difficulties when applying for a visa extension for foreigners such as:

  • Procedure Vietnam visa extension quite complicated and don't know how to contact the authority. To solve problems arising in the visa extension process.
  • Not understanding and keeping up to date with changes in legal procedures when renewing.
  • It takes too long to extend the visa while personal travel time is limited.
  • The visa has been overstayed but has not been renewed, do not know how to handle and explain to state officials.

Thus, there are many problems that can occur when customers renew their visa on their own. That's why EZ recommends you to register for  Vietnam visa extension service for fast and comprehensive support.

5. Prestigious Vietnam visa extension service
As soon as Vietnam visa expires, you should look for a specialist visa extension service unit for foreigners. In fact, there are many places that provide Vietnam visa extension services, but not many places can meet the speed and savings – something that any customer wants. Understanding this, EZ Holdings with experience and prestige through many years of operation in the field, supports +100.000 applications to be provided with a visa extension service package with many preferential policies such as:

  • Simplify procedures for applying for Vietnam visa extension.
  • The cost of Vietnam visa extension service is reasonable and economical.
  • Absolutely confidential all customer information.
  • Attractive offers for businesses and groups of customers by volume.

Above is all information about Vietnam visa extension for foreigners. To understand more about visa extension procedures and services, please contact or contact EZ via call center  0869 907 519 | 0867 439 725.